In Lee District and the broader county we have a pronounced dichotomy between those earning competitive salaries, and those that are struggling to make ends meet. Rodney believes that we must ensure that all residents of Lee District have the same opportunities relative to education, healthcare, employment and life expectancy. We have seen how these inequities manifest themselves in the larger community.

Rodney has been a fixture in the Lee and Fairfax Community for the past 30 years, and will leverage his deep roots within the community to address these inequities by partnering with non-profit and community organizations such as United Community Ministries, Neighborhood Health, Good Shepard Housing, New Hope Housing Fairfax County Public Schools, and others. Rodney will also work to address the inequities in the areas of healthcare, employment and life expectancy, ensuring that every resident of Lee District has the exact same opportunity to make the most of their lives here.