As the father of two daughters that are the product of Fairfax County Schools, Rodney values the investment Fairfax County makes in our public school system.  He will advocate for the schools getting their fair share of funding to ensure improved outcomes for all students and particularly those that are disadvantaged. He also recognizes that we have to pay our educators a competitive wage to ensure that we can retain them in the County.

Schools are the linchpin to the County’s future success. Job creators are looking for the best qualified people to fill vacancies, and we need to make sure that the graduates of Fairfax County schools are getting the required skills to compete for the high technology jobs of the future. Rodney will work with the schools and our School Board Representative in Lee District to ensure that our academic programs are innovative and meet the workforce needs of our employers.  He wants to create opportunities for our students to qualify for the highest paying jobs in our community to enable them to stay in Fairfax and raise their own families.

Furthermore, Rodney is committed to strengthening pipelines from our school system to institutions of higher education.  Unfortunately, when it comes to enrollment in higher education by graduates of Fairfax County, the rate for enrollment by white students is 84%, while the rate for African American students is 77% and the rate for Hispanic students is only 60%.  In light of these disparate findings, we need to work with the School Board to develop strategies that improve these enrollment rates for all students, and specifically those students from under-performing groups.