Our Environment is a non-renewable resource, and the Board of Supervisors must always be cognizant of its protection when making decisions on behalf of the County. When reviewing development proposals in Lee District, Rodney will ensure that he always looks for ways to protect the environment.  He will encourage the use of “Low Impact Development Techniques” as a way to mitigate and minimize the storm-water impacts to adjacent communities. Rodney will always require that newly proposed buildings meet LEED Silver Certification/equivalency or higher. He will encourage the use of smart building techniques to reduce energy, and support sustainability.

Rodney will also encourage newly planned developments to use transit or non-single occupancy vehicles for travel along the Historic Richmond Highway and other roadways in the district. This will help reduce Lee District’s carbon footprint.

He will work with the appropriate County and state agencies to protect the view shed of our historic properties in Lee District. And he will look for future opportunities to preserve and protect park land in the community.  Huntley Meadows is a wonderful park that is enjoyed by residents from all over the County, and must be preserved.