Housing is a foundational issue for our community. It impacts an individual’s economic mobility, health outcomes, access to education, along with a myriad of other indicators.

As the cost of housing continues to escalate in Lee District, and across Fairfax County, more and more of our neighbors are struggling to find affordable housing. Rodney knows firsthand the challenges that seniors, retail workers, entry level employees and so many others have in finding safe and decent housing that they can afford. 

Unfortunately, this problem is only going to continue to worsen as our population grows and additional development continues to occur throughout our area.  Rodney will work together with the public, private and not-for-profit sectors to identify and implement the best methods for providing more affordable housing at the community level. 

This will require a holistic approach, advocating for dedicated funding streams for both new construction, as well as the re-purposing of older obsolete office buildings into affordable housing where appropriate.  Finally, Rodney will supplement this approach by supporting the collocation of affordable housing at public facilities which could include libraries, fire stations or police stations in the county.

By ensuring that every Lee District resident has access to decent and affordable housing, we can guarantee a higher quality of life among our neighbors, and positively impact a number of the serious issues facing our community.